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What can Asset Databases do for you?

Keep all of your contacts in easy reach, your equipment and vehicles organized, and track your materials easily and effectively. Your asset databases are a core feature of Tradetraks, they are what helps keep you organized and working efficiently.

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Tradetraks Data Asset App: Your Little Black Book – Supercharged Contacts


A contact database reflective of the real world, automatically keeping a contact list of all those you partner with and do all that good work for. Tradetraks enables you to tag your company contacts as customers or suppliers. It lets you drill down even further by attaching individuals to companies, helping you keep organized for when you need to connect on the fly.

Equipment Database: Manage Your Equipment Like You Own It with Tradetraks

Keep a database of all the equipment you own. Track past and upcoming maintenance events and get notification of when maintenance is due. Set up billing rates for equipment types and begin capturing the money you deserve for every hour that equipment is out working. Create customs fields to track whatever else is useful for you and your team to know.

Materials Database: Effective Estimating and Tracking of Materials

With a database of materials, you can create accurate and effective service quotes, project estimates, work orders and change requests. The system will auto-generated invoices, so nothing gets missed. With the material picker, materials stay accessible and easy to find for employees, even if you have thousands of materials in your database.

With efficient and easy to use CSV import features, you can get your database organized and up and running in no time.

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