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Ditch the messiness of shared drives, cloud storage services, or paper filing cabinets and keep company files easily accessible by uploading them to your company's document library. Stay organized by tagging files with categories, and protect sensitve documents with user-based access control. Have employees acknowledge important documents electronically to ensure your staff are all up to date with the most relevant information.

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Effortlessly organized

Tag-based categories

Attach tags to files to keep them organized and easy to find. Files are then filterable by tag so the file you need is only a click or two away.

Secure & Safe

User based access control

The Library is a great way to securely share confidential documents between two or more employees as well. Just tag their name in the Access Permissions field, and the file will be automatically hidden from everybody but them.

Keep tabs on required reading

File Acknowledgements

Have a policy manual that you need employees to review? Every file comes built in with an "Acknowledgement" button, that employees can click to signify that they have read or viewed the given document. Acknowledgements are tracked on an employee's profile so you can ensure required reading is kept up to date.

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