What can our Employee Management software do for you?

With Tradetraks' unique collaborative approach to employee management, every employee has the ability to maintain his or her own personal profile details. Important information such as, mobile numbers, emails and emergency contact information is all controlled through individual profiles. This ensures the information is always current and accessible within the software when it is needed. This takes workload off your HR department, reduces errors and fosters a team-oriented environment.

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Manage Employee Pay Scales and Permissions

Tradetraks employee management settings ensure your team is always on the same page and informed when they need to be. With individual profiles in place, employers take control of employee classifications, job titles, pay scales, and information access permissions. Change these settings on the fly as needed and Tradetraks' Employee Management Software will ensure the appropriate team members are informed.

Keep Track of Punctuality and Vacation Time

Track individual’s vacation and sick days used so everybody stays on the same page. The tradetraks calendar will display these events and notify team members through tradetraks’ built-in notification center. Prevent people from being scheduled for work when time off has been planned.

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What Is Employee Management Software?

Employee management software is an absolute necessity in today’s fast past society. With the technology available today, there is no reason for a company to be operating without one. An effective Employee Management software should enable and automate on-boarding of new hires, organize and store staff information and manage scheduling. It should have built-in push notification features that assist in ensuring that employee information is kept current and up to standard. Including but not limited to name, address, contact information, photos, training certificates and qualifications. A well-built employee management system should also track things like time, expenses, punctuality, vacation days and work history. It should contain information extraction tools for analysis, profiling or resume building purposes. With the necessary transparencies in place, it should boost productivity and company moral. An effective, all-inclusive employee management platform should be built to help employers, empower employees and unite teams.