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WHAT CAN our expense management software do for you?

Collecting paper receipts is a thing of the past with Tradetraks' <b>expense management software</b>. Simply upload a photo of a receipt and submit it for approval against a specific PO or cost code. All expense information is neatly organized so you can access the information you need, when you need it. Records are kept in the cloud, not in your filing cabinet.

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Avoid misallocated receipts and cut down on errors with the Expense "Review" process. Project managers have an ability to view all expenses submitted for their projects and check them for accuracy. Administrative staff can comment directly within the expense record if clarification is required or marked approved and push into the final report for expense payment processing.

Customizable Expense Groups and Cost Codes

Create Dynamic Expense Groups and Cost Codes so all cost can be allocated appropriately and tracked. Reduce time spent chasing receipts and sorting out where to apply each expense. Empower your employees by giving them the ability to allocate each expense to the appropriate project or service call using the unique expense groups and cost codes you’ve made available for them.

Expense Records: Organization and Storage

Once expenses are processed, Tradetraks' Expense Management Software will store them on the cloud for future reference, reporting and audit. Access expenses anytime by searching through a specific employee profile or find them within the project they were allocated to. And of course you always have full control over what you want certain employees to see.

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What Is Expense Management Software?

Every business, big or small, requires an effective solution for managing expenses. A well-built expense management system should enable electronic submission, approvals, processing and storage. It should eliminate paper waste with the ability of uploading digital receipts or photos of paper copies. Built-in Expense Groups and Cost Codes for proper allocation at the time of submission is also key to reducing time and accounting mistakes. Expense management software should neatly organize and store expenses records and enable various reporting tools and auditing techniques. The most effective expense management software is cloud based, accessible from anywhere through a secure user login.