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What Can Our Health and Safety Management Software Do for You?

Ensuring your team is working within customer expectations and industry health and safety standards can be tricky. Tradetraks Health and Safety Software gives you the control you need to feel confident all Health and Safety objectives are being met daily. Manage every employee qualification and get notified when training certifications are set to expire.

Force digital tailboards and vehicle circle checks at every clock-in, so that you can bet confidently your staff are informed and working safely. Publish Health and Safety Policies and Safety Bulletins on the cloud for all to see and digitally acknowledge. Forget third-party apps that do not integrate with everything else you do. Tradetraks ensures your business is about health and safety first.

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Make Safety Briefings Front and Center

Activate tailboards on your projects and tradetraks will have your team complete their safety briefing upon clocking in. The Tradetraks Health and Safety App ships with industry-standard safety templates to get your company up and running quickly. Your safety officer will have up to the minute information on the status of worker safety briefings, across all your projects.

If an individual clocks-in but decides not to complete a required tailboard, Tradetraks makes certain those in charge are notified in real-time.

Health and Safety Management: The Right People, With the Right Training

Tradetraks takes managing training certificates to a whole new level. The system provides notice of when new training certificates have been obtained and when current certificates are set to expire. Employees can manage certificates within their personal profile themselves or employers can elect to do this for them. Once certificates are uploaded, they appear on the system’s Health and Safety Training matrix for a crystal-clear, birds-eye view of all employee qualifications.

Make sure you pick the right person for the job by filtering employees by a defined list of certificates.

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