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Having to navigate through multiple software platforms to manage projects can be frustrating. With tradetraks’ project management tools, you have access to all the information you need in one centralized location. Giving you the information needed to ensure your projects stay on track. From managing project schedules to submitting invoices, tradetraks project management software ensures that your business is equipped with all the resources you need to make the tough decisions that help your company succeed.

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Say goodbye to duplicate data

Tired of duplicate data entry? Never deal with duplicate data again thanks to a key feature in our project management software. The project details tab is your single source of truth: Keeping all the project details in one place, reducing errors, and saving your entire team time with repeat data entry. Tradetraks will ensure the appropriate details appear on the countless forms and templates tradetraks has built-in for you.

Project files a click away, for everyone

Fire Organization and Sharing

What makes our project management software different for construction companies and sub-contractors? Each project has a dedicated cloud-based file storage facility with permission-based tagging. It keeps your photos, blueprints, contracts, and other files in one place, accessible for those who need it, and protected from those who don't. With little effort, you can share documents with third party contacts who aren't on tradetraks with you.

Make safety compliance a breeze

Safety is no longer an afterthought

Activate tailboards on your projects and tradetraks will ensure your entire team completes their safety briefing upon clocking in. The office will have up to the minute information on the status of worker safety briefings, job hazard analysis and much more across all your active projects. Tradetraks ships with industry-standard safety templates to get your company up and running quickly.

Keep your thumb on materials

Material & Purchase Order Tracking

Easily import all required project materials from your bid into a project. With tradetraks unique purchase order tools, your team can release orders to your preferred suppliers and track the status of each. The system allows you to attach quotes to purchase orders for easy reference. When orders arrive on-site, the foreman can change the status of the order and attach packing slips to the PO file for future reference. The office will immediately be notified of the status change, keeping everyone in the loop without having to skip a beat.

Real time reports to keep you on track

Project Reports

Whether you’re a General contractor, Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, or Landscaper, tradetraks has powerful reporting tools for you and your crews built right into out project management software app. Set up labour and material estimates for your projects and view real-time progress reporting. Track materials used & labour spent, so you can pinpoint problem areas easily and course-correct before things get out of hand.

Manage your personnel how you want

Create your own dynamic personnel roles for projects and choose what aspects of the project those roles are responsible for managing. Your project management teams will never miss a task again.

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Project Management Software for Construction

Project management software is key component is today’s fast pace construction sector. A well-built platform enables project managers to effectively plan and schedule multiple projects all from one place. A well-built platform provides the ability to efficiently produce estimates, budgets, track labour hours and material cost, generate purchase orders, host cloud storage and enable both internal and external file sharing. Equally important, today’s platforms should make health and safety as well as team messaging and collaboration top priority.