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Service departments can be the trickiest to manage effectively. The fast-pace environment requires extreme organization and calmness under pressure situations, especially when times get busy. The tradetraks <b>field service management app</b> makes it easy to track service jobs from lead through to invoicing.

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Stay on top of scheduling - in the office & field

Our Service Management Software has a global calendar that clearly displays all appointment times and durations for all related parties to see. Field Technicians see a clear, customized list of jobs they have been assigned to attend in the hours and days to come. Employees simply select the job they are headed to next and clock-in. Thanks to our app, it really is that easy.

Information when you need it

Field Technician Digital Worksheet

Tradetraks ensures important information is always in the hands of those who need it. Within the job details and digital worksheet, technicians can view job specific instructions, including photos and files the office feels are important to share.

As the work on site is completed, the technician has the ability to record everything that took place on the call, select materials and equipment that were used from the company database and attached photos of the job well done. Don’t forget to have the client sign off on the work complete before leaving site using the digital signature pad built directly into the clients worksheet summary.

Invoicing in a single click

Service management software isn’t complete unless it has the ability to generate complete invoices with the click of a button. Track invoicing and get paid faster using our extremely powerful invoicing tools. Best of all, invoices can be generated in the office by your admin team or in the field by your technician completing the work. Tradetraks does the heavy lifting for you. Pulling together a complete invoice including labour, materials, equipment, and permitting, all automatically.

Attach before and after photos or files directly to the invoice notice and with a final click, deliver the entire package to your client's email address.

Customer-specific settings allow you to tailor your invoice to show as little detail or as much as your client requires. Sections can be summarized for a simplified invoice or broken out to show every line item.

Get paid quickly

Built-in payment options and the activity tracker helps to ensure that you get paid quickly, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Make decisions from real and timely data

Services Reporting

Highly flexible reporting, allowing queries by date range, customer, category, or individually selected jobs. View performance data in graph or chart form by overall summary, category, Customer or time period.

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