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What Can Our Time Log Management Software Do For You?

With a built-in GPS position capture, the Tradetraks contractor scheduling app records crew hours and locations all with the push of a button. Real-time insight allows employers to review and verify that crews are where they should be when they should be. Recorded hours are generated onto a report to make your payroll process seamless.

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Time Log Management: Accurate and Easy To Use

GPS Location Capture

Tradetraks Time Construction Log Management software offers GPS position capture and time stamping at Clock In and Clock Out. If an employee doesn't qualify as "on-site" while clocking in, they are required to provide a reason why (ex. At the supplier, working from home, etc) and indicate when they expect to arrive. Tradetraks will follow up with the user to ensure they arrived when they indicated they would.

Clocking in and out is a breeze for even the most technically timid tradesperson.

Time Log Management: Accountability Made Easy

Time Log Reviews

Cut down on timecard errors with the time log "Review" process. Project managers have an opportunity to view all the outstanding time logs for their project and check them for accuracy. Logs are then marked as "reviewed" and then pushed into the final report for payroll processing.

Time Log Management Software: The Flexibility to Handle Your Way of Doing Things

Pay Adjustments

Need to pay a premium hourly rate for nightly work? Do you give temporary raises for employees who work a shift as foreman? Tradetraks can handle all of your unique pay modifiers with the "Pay Adjustments" settings. Set up your pay adjustments and choose which projects they're enabled on.

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