What can union management do for you?

When you have employees that are unionized, it can be extremely complicated to make sure everyone is getting the correct hourly rate, being paid the correct mileage, and per diems are being paid correctly. The Union Management tool makes this simple, allowing you to set the terms of a collective agreement, and then connect employees and the jobs they're working on to those collective agreements. Tradetraks does the rest, generating a payroll report that displays all the correct pay, mileage, and per diem allowances for that employee and project. It is truly and set-it and forget-it experience.

A few companies using TradeTraks

Set per diems and mileage pay

Union Management

Choose thresholds for per diem pay, and set up mileage pay calculations however your collective agreement demands. Mileage pay supports rate-based reimbursement based on driving distance, tiered flat pay, or zone based mileage pay. All automatically calculated and compiled in a report for payroll.

Conditional hourly rates

Specific hourly rates can be set up for all employee classifications, or just let it fall back to what has been set up as the default employee pay.

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