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At the core of every efficient operation lies a strong project management solution. Our software is designed to make coordinating project details as simple as possible. Workers in the field show up at the start of the day knowing exactly what they need to do to stay on track. Get rid of any extra software that interrupts the flow of data and let our unified solution help you manage all your resources and information in one place. See how simple it can be to stay on track by signing up for a free demonstration today.

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Project Management

You have access to all the information you need in one centralized location to make sure your projects stay on track. From managing project schedules to submitting invoices, tradetraks makes sure that you are equipped with all the resources you need to make the tough decisions that help your company grow.


Tradetraks has the tools to make completing daily safety talks, check lists and incident reporting easy and trackable. Staying in compliance has never been so painless!

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File Organization & Sharing

Tradetraks takes all the pain out of sharing large files. Your team has 24/7 access to files they need, and with our unique tagging system, you can ensure your files stay organized, and only visible to those who need to see them.

Time Management

Easily keep track of labour and productivity

Built in GPS position capture, and a real-time review process to allow employers to easily verify workers are where they should be, and when.


Stay connected using the tradetraks instant messaging tool. Whether in the office or out in the field, the instant messaging tool provides a virtual space for workers to communicate and stay in touch. Anytime. Anywhere.


  • Thomas Waite

    General @ Wed 7:52am

    I am a project manager for a small electrical company and I have been searching for an online platform program to assist me in organizing my day to day tasks as well as keeping my larger projects moving smoothly over longer durations......I wont be looking any longer..I found it! Trade Traks has numerous helpful functions such as your GPS clock in/clock out functions letting me know when my guys arrive and where they when they do, this alone saves me hundreds of dollars per month so its like Trade Traks is paying me. Along with this I really enjoy having all of our daily safety forms being filled out on in the platform which gives me the ability to ensure they are being done and not having to deal with all that pesky paper, uploading drawings, permits and and other crucial documents that I need to get to my team in the field has never been easier or more stream lined. With the "messages" function I am able to set up specific topic chats with everyone that is involved with the project we are working on, it gives myself a direct line of communication without the hassle of digging through a whole mess of emails that lets be honest, sometimes easy to get lost in the mix. As a small business owner I am always looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient to stay on track. I now know the answer....TRADETRAKS
  • Pierre Levasseur

    General @ Mon 10:33 am

    TradeTraks is an easy to use construction monitoring tool. Since using TradeTraks, we have been able to ensure on-site labour is kept within the estimated time carried. Using TradeTraks has provided us with the insight we need to ensure all projects are performed under budget. The onboard messaging is a great feature which allows any users to communicate in one local spot, this is great for next day instructions prior to arriving on the job site. Some of the key features TradeTraks has to offer that I like are the following: real time labour tracking with GPS clock-in/clock-out, costing report, contact manager for customers & employees, electronic tailboard and equipment circle checks.
  • Beckie Waite

    Time Logs & Global Document Library @ Mon 10:03 am

    Tradetraks time logs is a game changer! Being able to compare hours submitted versus actual hours clocked in and out, has removed any doubt when reviewing time sheets. I can see what project they’re working on, if the employee clocked in/out on site via the geofence and how long they worked for. They can also include notes and select predetermined reasons why they may be off site, such as “en route” or “working from home”. Its so easy to use and helps both the employee and the employer ensure that there is no confusion come pay day! With Tradetraks you can upload files to any project and tag them accordingly. Now the employees on site can have instant access to information whenever needed. You can also set permissions, so only the people that need to see certain files can. In meetings, on site, out of office, I have all project related documents accessible on my phone or tablet. Its great for organizing close out documents as well. At the end of a project all my files are already organized and prepared to be sent off. Very helpful!
  • Kelly Langdon

    Time Logs & Messaging @ Mon 8:32 am

    TradeTraks is a wonderful resource to track employee hours spent on jobs. When needing to provide both weekly and monthly time summaries to a general contractor, the filtering options really help pinpoint the specific time frames you need, breaking down time by regular, time and a half and double time, with overall running totals included. TradeTraks is a convenient way to keep in contact with all employees, both in the field and in the office. The messaging features allow you to select or de-select employees as necessary, add pictures, and shows which individuals have read your message. Furthermore, once a message has been sent, message notifications pop up as friendly reminders on screen.

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